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Halloween at Fordingbridge Picking Patch is so full of great activities we almost don’t know where to start … but Halloween must be all about PYO Pumpkins … so let begin there! We have 1000’s of pumpkins – so many varieties – lots of massive ones with some very cute smaller cousins – wheelbarrows to borrow and of course you only pay for what you pick!

Merlin, the steam train, will be chuffing and whistling across the patch, The Murder Mystery Maize Maze asks you to pit your wits against the craftiest of crooks, can you find the culprit before they find you!

The Pop-Up Escape Room welcomes “The Halloween Kitchen” to the site for those with quick wits. The arts & crafts area has expanded and we have lots of DIY photo shoot opportunities from giant scarecrows, the pumpkin carriage and our own witches cottage to name a few.

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