Here's a sneak preview of the fun activities on offer for kids (and adults!)

Across the sealed site there are loads of outdoor activities for children to get involved with and enjoy some time playing in our field. We think they are amazing – but then we would as we made them all!

Help us find Toad

Naughty Toad has disappeared with the magic wand, yet again. Can you please help us find him in case he start casting toady spells on us all! He loves playing hide & seek but his hiding places are too difficult at times!

Child with a pumpkin in a wheelbarrow

Pumpkin picking

Of course, our most popular activity is pumpkin picking! There are thousands to choose from and they’re all reasonably priced and yours to take home.

Pumkinology Trail

Follow the Trail and find out if you really have what it takes to be a Pumpkinologist!

Pumpkin house and garden

If you want a bit of quiet time then pop over to the Pumpkin house. If the witch family are home they will delight in sharing some pumpkin squash with you.

Recipe Wall

See what your favourite looking Pumpkin is good for and how to cook, decorate or use it!