Crafts at Pumpkin Picking Patches

There's lots of extras during your visit

We have invited some of the finest suppliers of Halloween crafts we have ever met and would love you to meet them to! The crafts are all done using natural materials that allow you to have total choice in their design, colour and finish.

The New Forest Wand Company

The New Forest Wand Co – Take one piece of magic hazel, coppiced by witches of course. Choose what finish – luminous, glitter, au natural – add your choice of ribbon, beads and shiny bits and you’re all set to start casting.

Thriftwistles Broomstick Emporium

A chance to make your own witch’s broom. Choose your stave (handle) and then your choice of materials for the brushing, tie up together and you have your very own besom or witch’s broom. Not for brushing but definitely for flying!

Clutter & Partners

The collective noun for lots of spiders is a clutter don’t you know! Clutter & Partner customers handmake their own colourful Halloween webs. Bespoke web design!

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