Learn more about our pumpkin picking story and our family!

Once upon a time (not very long ago) Miss Crow and Master Scare (a witch and wizard you do not know) decided it was time for an adventure…

…So they packed their best wheelbarrow with their favourite toys, collected their wands and asked their friends Owl, Toad and Cat to come along. Owl looked at the wheelbarrow and said with a sigh, “We can’t have an adventure without any pumpkin pie!”

Master Scare planted some seeds in the dirt and they covered them over just so. Then they sat down to wait for the pumpkins to grow. “It’s taking an awfully long time,” complained Toad. “Can’t you speed it up a bit?”

Miss Crow found her magic spell book and Master Scare borrowed Auntie’s cauldron. They collected the ingredients and added them to the bubbling pot. When the potion was ready they got out their wands and, spoke magic words and the potion launched into the sky. It rained magic potion all over the fields. The ground started to shake and hundreds of pumpkins appeared. 

When the Farmer woke to find he had pumpkins growing in his fields, he was not angry at all! He smiled wide smiles, snapped his fingers and said, “We know just what to do. We’ll invite the children to pick the pumpkins, play, make some crafts and have an amazing day!

The pumpkins have grown and are now waiting for you. Come and visit the Pumpkin Picking Patch and if your parents are very well behaved, bring them along too.

Master Scare


A talented gardener: he can make anything grow. He’s a very funny and friendly wizard to know. With his broom powered wheelbarrow he can take to the sky, even though everyone keeps saying that wheelbarrows cannot fly.

Miss Crow


Clever and charming, she really knows her spells. She loves painting pumpkins with her friends Toad and Cat, or working with Owl to design witch’s hats.



A cheeky chap with a love for tricks, japers and jokes. Toad likes to hide out in the pumpkin patch, play naughts and crosses with the munchkin pumpkins and hide Auntie’s magic wand.



A collector of fun pumpkin facts; Owl will help you find your way. She loves nothing more than making friends and seeing everyone have a fabulous day.