As we prepare for both the sunflower and pumpkin picking seasons, we are fully aware of the social distancing guidance provided to businesses. As a popular family destination, we wish to take this opportunity to assure you that we are fully committed to keeping our visitors and communities safe whilst we operate.

All of our patches are in the open air and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is relatively low. There is also plenty of space to maintain social distancing between households. However, it is important that all of our visitors remain mindful of the social distancing rules and keep their families at a safe distance of 2m+ from others.

At this stage, gloves and face coverings are optional for visitors but there will be hand sanitiser points across the site. You may also find that some of our staff are wearing personal protective equipment whilst they work in order to minimise the risk to them and our visitors. We will regularly disinfect surfaces people are likely to come into contact with, as well as other measures specific to each site.

Each site will have additional signage and guidance, where necessary. For example, you may find that we adopt a one-way system through some of the areas of our patches to avoid crowding.

Our Maize Mazes, were redesigned following the COVID-19 outbreak so that all passages are COVID-19 compliant. All passages are 3m apart and there are no areas where groups come back on themselves and risk bumping into others. This means that with the new 1m+ rule, customers can walk either side of the path and still have 2m between them.

We continue to follow all of the guidance provided to us by the Government and our team is fully aware of all the recent advice and regulation. We look forward to welcoming you safely to our picking patches.


The Picking Patch Team