At Picking Patch we are big fans of creating and preserving natural habitats for our lovely wildlife to thrive in. We have plenty of resident creepy-crawlies and buzzing visitors!

Our sunflowers attract an abundance of bees, drawn to their brightly coloured petals and rich nectar. These buzzing pollinators will jump from sunflower to sunflower, gathering nectar as they go along. Sunflowers are particularly good at attracting bees as they can’t see reddish tinged colours, however, they have no problem spotting the petals of a vibrant yellow sunflower.

Picking Patch and Maize Maze Bingo

Keep your little explorers amused with our Picking Patch Bingo!

Simply print the bingo sheet and take it along with you on your Picking Patch visit. Keep an eye-out for the featured creatures, items, and weather conditions. When you spot one, place a cross in the box, the first person to draw a full line wins!

Happy exploring!

Wondering what happens to all the sunflowers that don’t get picked? We keep some sunflowers over the winter which the deer and wild birds love. If your quiet enough you can watch the deer eating the seeds! Our Maize is also harvested and fed to some lucky cattle, nothing goes to waste!